API Recommended Practice 13B Recommended Practice for Field Testing Oil- Based. Drilling Fluids Phone: (Toll-free in the U.S. and. This standard is based on API Recommended Practice 13B-1, Recommended Practice for Field Testing of Water-based Drilling Fluids, Fourth Edition dated. API RP 13B-1 Field Testing for Water-Based Drilling Fluids. Uploaded by Yuslly Yenith Cicery Collazos. Related Interests. Conflict Of Interest ยท Chemical Process .

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Section 5 of the document details the procedure for measuring the density of a drilling fluid under pressure. This viscometer is powered by DC voltage, which makes it ideal for international use. 13-b1 Section 7 specifies both low and high pressure filtration. All models api rp 13b-1 the specifications listed in section 7. Laboratory Reagents Lab Configurators. Home Products Browse our complete catalog testing equipment supplies and reagents. We offer several solutions for low 31b-1, api rp 13b-1 pressure testing.

Our drilling fluids product line includes innovative designs such as the Model Viscometer, which showcases our ability to develop new technology to meet customer and industry demands.

API RP 13B-1 | Alexa Ruano –

Search Newsroom Careers Log In. We offer three options: Section 10 covers methylene blue capacity. The variable speed motor ranges from. Questions api rp 13b-1 sales information: It has two speeds and RPM and a knob for api rp 13b-1 gel strength. What We Stand For. OFITE employs experienced personnel to service and repair equipment manufactured by us, as well as other companies. The included power supply works with available power in any country.

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Model Viscometer C: Custom Instrument Design Manufacturing. Section 9 covers sand content.

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Three options are available: As discussed in Section 11, measuring the pH of drilling fluid is fo critical importance. The Sand Content Kit Api rp 13b-1 contains everything necessary to perform this test. Potassium Sections A7 and A8 deal with Potassium concentration.

Three options are available:. Annex C deals with measuring resistivity. Methylene Blue Capacity Section 10 covers methylene blue capacity.

API RP 13B-1 – OFI Testing Equipment, Inc.

Annex B recommends using a shearometer tube to measure the shear strength of drilling fluid. OFITE api rp 13b-1 four options:. Hand Crank Fp Technical support or repairs: This light-weight viscometer is powered by a hand crank. Other models include pressure assemblies, like thewhich features a built-in CO 2 pressure regulator. You api rp 13b-1 find our turn-around time for api rp 13b-1 to be far quicker than our competitors, and our quality cannot be matched.

For determining the chloride content, alkalinity, hardness, and lime content of a fluid sample as discussed in Sections 12, 13, and 14, OFITE offers several filtrate analysis kits. OFITE offers equipment for testing water-based drilling fluids based on this document.


Our Services OFITE employs experienced personnel to service and repair equipment manufactured by us, as well as other companies. For api rp 13b-1 air or gas from a drilling aip per Annex D, see the Mud Deaerator In Annex A, Sections A4 and A5, is the procedure for using a Garrett Gas Train to determine the sulfide and carbonate concentration of a drilling fluid.

Classes are filling up quickly! The rugged, stainless steel api rp 13b-1 is perfect gp field or laboratory use.

It includes a pressure cell, benchmount api rp 13b-1, gaskets, and a screen. Who We Are Services Capabilities. The Model is a full-featured viscometer that can operate with a computer or as a standalone instrument.

Retort api rp 13b-1 is listed in Section 8. It does not require electricity, which makes it perfect for portable kits. Drilling Fluids Cement Testing Completions. OFITE offers four options: