4 Feb Supersedes data of Apr Feb DISCRETE SEMICONDUCTORS. BC; BC; BC NPN general purpose transistors. BC, Nexperia Bipolar Transistors – BJT TRANS GP TAPE-7 datasheet, inventory, & pricing. BC series. 45 V, mA NPN general-purpose transistors. Rev. 9 — 23 September Product data sheet. Table 1. Product overview. Type number[1].

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Which bc847 I trust – the datasheet or spice or spice?

Ideally suited for automatic insertion? Miller capacitance bc847 action. With V2 initial voltage at The Vbe might have been modeled differently. bc847

According to what I can tell from the Bc847 datasheet the BC bc847 BC should be virtually identical except for the max power dissipation and thermal resistance caused bc847 the different types of packages. Anyway, nice observations Unfortunately I cannot decipher the model parameters any better.

Please login or register. Marking Bc847 Code CS? And is that fix something specific to the simulation or must it be applied bc847 a real circuit as well?


BC847 Bipolar Transistor

However, I would not consider this as bc847 robust design. Ideally suited for automatic insertion SOT?

Units inside the carrier can be of either orientation and will not affect the functionality of the device. Marking Package Code RR? Although, the bc847 http: So It is more bc847 2 to choose from.

HTTP This page has been moved

They are housed in the SOT package which is hc847 for low power surface mount applications. Not as bad but still a huge difference for bc847 transistors that should be identical. For fun I flipped the as well – but that really didn’t affect anything. Here is a nice explanation for the anti-saturation Schottky clamp diode and the speed-up capacitor: So a well designed circuit should work with both modells.

I added a BAT54 schottky between base and collector as some kind of a single-diode Baker clamp and got bc847 following results where all of a sudden they all bc847 just about equally. Yet the spice parameters which I can’t decipher yet are different and simulations with bx847 two different parts gives marked differences. Kleinstein Super Contributor Posts: There bc847 an error while thanking.


The model looks strange: But I simplified it all one step further and changed the bc8477 by three orders of magnitude, so now it’s uS bc847 gc847 nS. Well, bc847 was just a test circuit where I bc847 simplified my original design as much as possible to view the differences between the and BC SOT bc847 1.

They bc847 housed in the SC package which is designed for low power surface mount applications. Likely someone here can expain the differenced. I’m actually trying to simulate a larger system with dozens of discrete logical gates connected in series to try to determine bc847 propagation time bc847 the entire bc847.

July 23, Did you miss your activation email?

BC847 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

The Vbe and the diode’s forward bc847 drop bc847 with the temperature and may vary slightly from one manufacturing lot to another. They are housed in the SOT which is designed bc847 low power surface mount applications.

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