Carlos Slim Helú, (born January 28, , Mexico City, Mexico), Mexican entrepreneur who became one of the wealthiest people in the world. His extensive. Mexico’s richest man, Carlos Slim Helu and his family control America Movil, Latin America’s biggest mobile telecom firm. With foreign telecom partners, Slim. 26 Dec A multi-billionaire businessman and philanthropist, Carlos Slim is known for his self-made fortune. This biography is a brief peek into the.

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Slim controls niografia 15 percent stake in Bronco, with warrants that could boost the stake to 20 percent. This is the latest accepted revisionreviewed on 7 November In the museum moved to a larger building in the city.

Privacy Policy Manage Cookies. By using this site, you agree to allow cookies to be placed. Slim built Biografix Carso in Mexico City, where most of his ventures share a common headquarters address. Hiografia carlos slim biografia eighth consecutive year, the Carlos Carlos slim biografia Health Awards are granted to outstanding personalities for the development of innovative solutions in the health sector in Latin America and the Caribbean.

His massive fortune is almost entirely self-made. The private equity fund’s investments are mainly in transportation and infrastructure and the fund had a total bigrafia cap of 5. Retrieved July 14, He learned basic business practices from his father, from a very early age, and worked in his family’s business as a teenager.

Today, he has holdings in Latin American and international companies, in industries ranging from construction and manufacturing to dry goods, and tobacco. Slim made a large fortune in the early s when Mexico privatized its telecom industry and Grupo Carso acquired Telmex from the Mexican government.


Please try again later. This page was last edited on 7 Novemberat Though Slim was a civil engineering major, he also displayed an interest in economics. Find more about Carlos Slim at Wikipedia’s sister projects.

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Slim acquired the ailing electronics products and services company CompUSA in Grupo Carso also held extensive interests in numerous Mexican companies. America Movil partnered with the company to aid its growth into advertising and television and help the audio recognition service expand in Latin America. Bioografia society is characterized by extremes of wealth and poverty, with a limited middle class wedged between an bkografia cadre of landowners and investors on the one hand and masses of rural….

Carlos Slim announced the establishment of Inbursa Foundation, which will jointly operate with its similar La Caixa of Barcelona. See the events in life of Carlos Slim in Chronological Order. This investment was assigned to an associated company, but in Grupo Carso began growing its equity stake to 83 percent and subsequently made it a subsidiary.

The mansion is 20, square feet and has 12 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, and a doctor’s office in the basement. After realizing that he had misjudged his ability to turn the company around—a rare misstep for Slim—he sold it in On July 25,Slim’s investment group Control Empresarial de Capitales invested in IMatchative, a technology startup that ranks the world’s hedge funds creating in-depth behavioral profiles and business analytics.

He also has a 2. Retrieved July 15, Slim and his son increased their presence in Mexico’s music industry, particularly in the retail music industry since He was one of six children, and his father was a successful dry goods business owner. Carlos Slim was recognized at carlos slim biografia 4th Edition of the Ibero-American Patron of the Arts Awards, organized by the Callia Foundation, for his social commitment to carlos slim biografia arts.

Julian’s business ventures became the source of considerable wealth for himself and his family. The Wall Street Journal. Slim always knew he wanted to be a businessman and began to develop his business and investment acumen at a young age. Carlos Slim in In the following year, Slim bought the Mexican arm of Sears Roebuck.



Although the style of the new fashion line and the number of yearly collections has not been made public, Philosophy Jr. Upon immigrating to Mexico, her parents had founded one of the first Arabic-language magazines for the Lebanese-Mexican boigrafia, using a printing press they had brought with them. Retrieved December 16, The biigrafia was formed carllos 25, pesos, each of them carlos slim biografia 50 percent.

Retrieved December 30, Thank you for your feedback.

In the museum moved to a larger building in the city. Slim has also set his sights within biorafia energy industry as well. Retrieved January 21, Retrieved April 28, The World’s Billionaires — Top ten bioyrafia people in the world as of 10 March Furthermore, it was to work in support of an initiative of Bill Clinton biogrrafia aid the people of Latin America. Slim had acquired a Biography portal Business and economics portal Mexico portal. Slim cashed in on loans given to the company, when it was floundering at the beginning of the US recession, to acquire these shares.

The peso was introduced into Spain by the monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella, who reformed the Spanish coinage system in ; it did not come into common use, though, until the time of…. Views Read Edit View history.

His three older sons serve in key positions in the companies controlled by Slim where most are involved in the day-to-day running of Slim’s business empire.