Sie sind neu bzw. möchten das erste Mal über das Online-Portal einen Antrag stellen oder eine Erlaubnis beantragen – und hatten bisher kein Login beim. Form: Gewerbe-Anmeldung (GewA 1) (Registration of a business in. Germany) (GewA 1)“ form used by the district of Neuenhagen bei Berlin. See Freiberufler or Gewerbe: what’s the difference? .. Check “Antrag beim Handelsregister gestellt” if you are not yet registered in the.

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It will be taxed the same way, but since it’s additional to your salary, you’ll possibly pay a higher tax rate the german tax tariffs are progressive. If you want to attach additional documents, mention them here.

Do i have to pay corporation tax?

Fragen rund ums Gewerbe

Such as paint and paper and pens etc? What is the best way to approach the VAT situation?

I am 44 years old now and will be 45 next August. Amazon oder Ebay verlangt von mir eine neu gestempelte Gewerbeanzeige. I got a contract to work as programmer for a startup, only 20 hours a week.

This bank account will be used for personal tax matters for example, income tax. BIC number of your business bank account. Thanks for the good info. Sign in Already have an account?


The turnaround will not be taxed at all, the profit will be taxed. Your revenue determines if you must charge your customers VAT Umsatzsteuer. You can find a pretty nice excel template on this website. I have resident permit in Germany and doing full time job but I am not allowed to work as freelancer. He advised me that i will not be considered as a freelancer by German authorities unless i am working for more than 1 client in Germany, he also said that both the client has to be a German registered company.

How long does it roughly takes to register as a freelancer in Berlin?

Steuerliche Abmeldung eines Unternehmens

If it’s the same as the website on line 24, leave this line blank. What would be the tax from payments through PayPal or other services? Does gewerbeanmelddung change the process to register the freelance business? Thank you for the superb post!

Fragen rund ums Gewerbe –

If you need help with visa issues, take formulra look at our list of relocation consultants. Unfortunately, visa issues is not a field where i am knowledgeable, sorry.

If I were to go for the employee visa, do you know if I would still be able to do freelance work? She got a Gewerbschein so that she can advertise her business to get customers. Here is a link to one of their documents: If you are very successful and can somehow earn more with your side sig than with your job, keep in mind that you will have to start to pay your Krankenkasse beelin yourself then.


See How to fill out the trade license registration in Berlin Open a bank account You need to have a bank account to complete this form.

I still have doubts about the insurance Bring the form and all the attached documents and go to the Finanzamt. The Finanzamt will use this description to determine if you are a tradesperson Gewerbe or a freelancer Freiberufler 1so this is very important. I am spanish speaker and got to translate with an official translator all documents. As a physical person, this determines where your business is based usually unless is some odd cases like e-residency in estonia.

Do i have to pay social security?

Gewerbwanmeldung signature, and the signature of spouse or civil partner if applicable. Online-Portal des EA Berlin. The house number for the address of your tax advisor. Is it okay to just submit these bank details with the annual tax return or do all bank accounts need to be submitted? Thanks for your insightful post. Wie kann ich ein Gewerbe in Berlin anmelden?