5 Feb Does iRiver’s E media player stand out from the crowd? Jon dons the cans to find out. The open design of the iRiver E (4 GB) music player features a control toggle button in the center just below a large, inch display screen. The compact 4.

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Users can upgrade their firmware through the iriver Plus 3 software or through the firmware updater software bundled with the device. However, they are now isolated to the lower section of the device’s front.

Has an in-built podcast-ready Voice Audio Recorder with internal microphone it is also possible to attach external professional stereo microphones and FM Radio with Radio Recorder which is customisable in E devices running E firmware 1.

Audio file support is strong. For product support, visit http: There is a lot of familiarity with this player and keeps well to the iriver style and functionality. The fun factor isn’t so important in, say, a lawnmower or a dishwasher, but a portable media player should be fun to use, and the E just isn’t. The controls aren’t intuitive, and since the user manual is thin and vague, you can end up spending a lot of time fiddling with buttons and options until the player does what you want it to.

iriver E100

The Best Iiver of The device was released in Europe with Firmware version 1. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This player looks sweet and offers robust audio file support, as well as extras like line-in recording and a microSD slot, but it just doesn’t deliver in the usability department.

Basically, the video experience isn’t very exciting, and r100 storage and viewing are similarly mundane, although photo file support is respectable: This is a text book example of difficulties branding across different purchasing segments- selling a lower quality product when you are a premium brand, consumers can be put off.


However, before doing this go to the folder: Instead, to adjust them, you press and hold down the right-hand e1000 button while a song is playing. The iriver Caption Editor allows to edit or to create new lyrics files. Voice recording and line-in recording. Read on for an in-depth look at the iriver E There is also a “hold” switch located on the other side of the device. Setting Radio Tuner channel with iriverplus3. Supporting Playlist function under MTP mode.

From a resolution standpoint, that WMV looked better than the preloaded content, though still not excellent. And there’s no dedicated Home button that more and more manufacturers, like Appleare wisely including on their devices. Want to play Bob Dylan from the Artist menu? Voice recording is, likewise, easy to figure out, though finding your recorded files can be a idiver baffling. PCMag reviews products independentlybut we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page.

To be more specific I would put it in the upper low end of the market.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Cons Photos and video don’t look so great on the not-so-sharp screen. The E comes preloaded with some animated videos, and I observed noticeable pixilation on the bypixel screen. My advice, as usual, is to remember that except for customizable EQ, they do nothing more than mess with the original stereo mix. The edges of the iRiver 4 GB MP3 deftly conceal the power button, a volume control switch, locking mechanism, a microphone, and a reset button, along with a mini-USB port for e100 music with the player and recharging the battery.

The universal mini USB connection is welcome, since irjver cables are more difficult to replace if you lose one. Most video files you load onto the player will likely need to pass through the conversion software that irivee on the CD in the box.


Retrieved from ” https: It features a 2.

Compare the iriver E with several other MP3 Players side by side. Audio codec is supreme supporting all the major licensed and open source file types.

iriver E – Wikipedia

The iriver E is a portable media player developed by iriver. To that blandness, add confusion. FM radio and recording. Video codec support is also very good, but most of the time conversion is necessary to conform to the x k color screen. Although figuring out how to switch the radio from preset mode to manual dial navigation is a bit cryptic you press the Enter button, but there’s no visual indicator for thisapart from that the radio is simple to use.

A lot of languages are supported. Tim Gideon Contributing Editor, Audio. I could nitpick e100, but my main issue with the E is not its minor flaws, but with the navigation of the humdrum user interface. Change settings for the “iFP” model: More MP3 Player Reviews: Since the Clix gen 2 has such cool graphics, like a lot of the Samsung players out there, including the YP-T10the E’s visually boring user interface comes as a surprise.

On the converse it would be difficult for SanDisk to release a premium Sansa. The player unfortunately doesn’t sort alphabetically. Instead, you have to click the backward arrow several times to get back to the main screen.