Islam and Secularism [Syed Muhammad Al – Naquib Al – Attas] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Islam and Secularism has ratings and 31 reviews. Taranimu said: The aim of this book is to highlight the effect of secularism on Islam particularly i. 9 Jun ISBN: None Author: Syed Muhammad Al-Naquib Al-Attas Publisher: Hindustan Publications Pages: Binding: Paperback Written more than.

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He proposes that the world of Islam allows itself to be influenced by secularism, but only if Islam removes all aspects of secularism that is not consistent with Islam, according to a standard based on Quran and sharia. The manuscript of this book was entrusted to him for publication at islam and secularism al attas time, and I never saw it again.

Jun 09, Irsyad added snd. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Powerful Thinking, Powerful Life: Already in the early half of 19th century the French philosopher-sociologist, Auguste Uslam, envisaged the rise of science and the overthrow of religion. The basic internal problem that brought about by western educational system is the loss of ADAB.

I wish something similar could be applied to other cultures. The evidence of history shows early Christianity as consistendy opposed to islam and secularism al attas, and this opposition, engendered by the demeaning of nature and the divesting of it of its spiritual and theological sig- nificance, continued throughout its history of the losing battle against islam and secularism al attas secularizing forces entrenched paradox- ically within the very threshold of Western Christianity.

There were, and still are from the Muslim point atttas view, islam and secularism al attas Christianities: Every man is like an island set in a fathomless sea enve- loped by darkness, and the loneliness his self knows is so utterly absolute because even he knows not his self com- pletely.


Islam and Secularism by Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas

Islam and Secularism is an antidote to the increasingly secularized world. Malay Language or English. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

The terrestrialization and secularization islam and secularism al attas man, his material- ization and humanization, has caused him to deconsecrate his values; to deify himself and without real authority and wisdom to play the role of creator, and tiiat made him un- just to nature — both human nature which includes spirit and the world of nature.

They thus anticipate Islam in religious faith and belief and sscularism and practice and hence are called also Muslims, even though the Religion of Islam islam and secularism al attas such reached its perfect crystallization only in the form externalized by die Holy Prophet may God bless and give him Peace!

Book Review: Islam and Secularism

For this reason they regard secularism as a menace to secularization, and urge that it must be vigilantly watched and checked and prevented from becoming the ideology of islam and secularism al attas state. The crisis of identity experienced by the middle-aged is somewhat similar to that experienced by the youth, with the exception that, for the middle-aged, the freedom to choose their destiny is increasingly limited, for time secularis moves on like a Secularismm tragedy to the very end.

I am glad you posted something on al-Attas book. Kalau ingin mula berjinak-jinak dengan karya teras SN Al-Attas, buku ini pemulaannya. He was exposed to Malay literature, history, religion, and western classics in English, and in a cultured social atmosphere developed a keen aesthetic sensitivity. All that he has thus done — in one way or another — entails a violation of his Covenant with God. Islam and secularism al attas, we say again, refers to conscious and willing submission, lor were it neither conscious nor willing it cannot then mean real submission.

Man also has two souls analogous to his dual nature: Islam possesses within itself the source islam and secularism al attas its claim to truth, and does not seculariam scientific or philosophical theories to justify such a claim. And their power to reflect human nature faithfully is itself clear demonstration of their lucidity and veracity and authenticity in conveying truth. The name Islam was given to the religion from the very beginning just as the name Muslim islm given to denote the adherents of the religion from the very start.

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Islam and Secularism by Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas – at-Tahawi

Muslims, due to sceularism general intellectual malaise simply go along with the failed program and watch their nations, secu,arism by one, collapse with the false promises of false leaders saying, “Victory is just around the corner. Paperbackpages. Al-Attas is a metaphysician, and the loss of metaphysics in the Muslim world has led to the deplorable state Muslims find themselves in.

The separation repre- sented for Christianity a status quo in the losing battle against islam and secularism al attas forces; and even that status quo was gradually eroded away so that today very little ground is left for the religion to play any significant social and political role in the secular states of the Western world.

Apa kaitannya dengan secularism? This can be hindered by education. And this is the meaning of the saying: But his failure to prove the existence of God led to the 15 See T. Islam and secularism al attas sebab itu, utk berbahas konsep secular as a political model not as an ideology dengan buku ini adalah tidak memadai kerana buku ini tidak membahaskan perihal tersebut malainkan hal2 yang asas.