On July 19, , following a conviction for perjury, international bestselling author Jeffrey Archer was sentenced to four years in prison. A Prison Dia. Hell has ratings and reviews. Carla said: Honestly, I do NOT know what all the flap is about Jeffrey Archer being such a piss-poor writer. I do. 5 Oct Jeffrey Archer could face an extended stay in prison after publishing a prison diary.

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Up b A non fiction book from the best selling author. Picked this up in a charity shop and once Jeffrey archer prison diaries started reading I couldn’t put it down. This book, written under the nom de plume FFdocuments Archer’s introduction to the prison system.

It is a diary so you have to read the mundane elements but on the whole it is an interesting read. An old hand at plotting novels and developing stories, Archer moves jeffrey archer prison diaries memoir at a captivating pace, a credit to his storytelling skills considering the book’s characters are in their cells for 22 hours a day.

A Prison Diary – Wikipedia

Knowing that his story as a wealthy, educated celebrity with high-powered attorneys pales in comparison, Archer focuses on the sad, strange jeffrey archer prison diaries even silly jeffery of his fellow inmates, a cast of hardened criminals and smalltime crooks. The good old British class system automatically kicks in, even in prison – and people know their place.

Share book with a friend Facebook. If he felt compelled to publish them, he could have done so on his release.


Archer prison diaries cause uproar

Jan 02, Pgison Fisher rated it liked it Shelves: I’ve been incarcerated in a cell five paces by three for twelve and a half hours, and will not be let out again jeffrey archer prison diaries midday; eighteen and a half hours of solitary confinement.

Concentrating on others also serves to help Archer avoid extended fits of melodramatic and self-serving prose as when he compares himself to Oscar Wildewhich occur when he writes about his own case.

Feb 21, Morten added it Shelves: It is clear that he received special treatment and was protected from the true harshness of prison jeffrey archer prison diaries.

Lord Archer met some unsavory characters while in said prison. This is a delightful book which throws light into the life of an author. His experience seemed to mirror that of Conrad Black, A Matter of Principlewhom I’d admire, and as I listened to his prison experiences I wondered to jeffrey archer prison diaries degree Lord Archer, like Lord Jjeffrey, was a victim of a malicious prosecution.

Archer was not only a bestselling novelist but also a former member of the British House of Lords when he was convicted of perjury in Some of the prisoner language is jeffrey archer prison diaries.

Refresh and try again. Mar 10, Elaine rated it really liked it.

While the memoir did not lay out his case for the reader to judge its merit, it does become obvious that the justice served was too heavy handed, complicated by other twists of injustice. Lord Archer admits to the judicial system being a failure. The director general of the prison service, Martin Narey, said he was seeking legal advice to determine if Archer has broken the rules. Retrieved from ” https: The differences were shocking.


There are some really hard things to hear, particularly when Fletch tells his story, but these are all part and parcel of life in prison. The very people set up by the institutions to protect him like social workers and magistrates, judges and policemen, let him down, and also paid to abuse him.

In the media Surprisingly effective. And Jeffrey archer prison diaries was only there 22 days! Other books in jeffrey archer prison diaries series. Books of the Jeffrey archer prison diaries. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

Hell (A Prison Diary, #1) by Jeffrey Archer

This article has multiple issues. I was however a bit apprehensive about reading his first prison diary. Not only does he find ways to survive,he also jots down the stories of his fellow inmates arcber make for a gripping read. A minor breach of conditions during a home visit resulted in Archer being sent to B-Category HMP Lincoln for 22 days jeffrey archer prison diaries described in a section of the book subtitled “Back to Hell”.