24 Aug Ramanuja Nootrandhadhi. Sriman Narayana Charanaou Saranam Prapadhye!! Emberumanar Thiruvadigale Saranam!! Please find the. 28 Jun Community» Ramanuja nootrandhadhi looking for MP3 Ramanuja nootrandhadhi for advice the source. Please Login or. Ramanuja Nootrandadi – 1 HH SRI CHINNA JEEYAR SWAMIJI; Ramanuja Nootrandadi 2 HH SRI CHINNA JEEYAR SWAMIJI; Ramanuja Nootrandadi 3 HH .

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Even then, the greatness of Your kalyANA guNAs surround me, drag and engulf me and Ramanuja nootrandhadhi am caught immersing myself in them ramanuja nootrandhadhi praising them only. Ramanuja came to rule me, and rid me of my birth. So merciful is He and His such compassionate nature alone is the shadow that can protect us form the scorching samsaaric afflictions. The One praised even by all those Bhagawathas who are blemishless and faultless!

Sandhai: Ramanuja Nootrandhadhi

Your grace too can flow nowhere except into me. Ramanuja nootrandhadhi, in turn, has come to reside sweetly in my heart. The One who had ramanuja nootrandhadhi greatness of having placed the fragrant garland of flowers on her head and thereby made them more fragrant and more divine for Sriman Narayanan, was Sri AndAL. By the terrible Karmas that increasingly torment the soul, I ramanija not cultivated full faith nooteandhadhi Maksha.

Ramanuja changed our life of darkness and despair and gave us the mind to ramanuja nootrandhadhi his greatness.

Effortlessly, I will ramanuja nootrandhadhi the great liberation of Vaikunta, through your dark-cloud-like benevolence, – just see!

So, you too ramanuja nootrandhadhi take refuge at His Lotus Feet like me; for He has saved you too from the darkness! He did not declare this expecting fame or monetary gain from the same.

Community » Ramanuja nootrandhadhi

And still he wanted to correct me and triedthat none would have dared. Due to his never fading, never ending flood ramanuja nootrandhadhi bhatki for Emperumaan Sriman Narayanan, with the apprehension that even He will be subjected to the evil eyes ramanuja nootrandhadhi people casting on Him, PeriyAzhwAr sang hymns to greet the Lord for ramanuja nootrandhadhi many years, singing pallANdu, pallANdu.


This world has seen a miracle. My incomparable lowliness has not refuge but your grace. Emperumaanaar- Sri Ramanujacharya established the Vedic truths in his philosophy and thereby the innumerable great Vedic hymns survived in this world due to Sri Ramanuja’s grace. There, like a resident first cleans the place of residence first, YathirAjar removed the dirt from my heart.

The Vedic truth of Narayana rejoiced. My heart desires nothing save service to their feet. When Arjunan, during the MahAbharatha battle, was ramanuja nootrandhadhi and confounded as to what he needs to do, to fight or not to fight, he placed his bow down and ramanuja nootrandhadhi the Lord to advise him. The One who does not the see the level or status of recipient of your mercy and showers it on him like the rainy clouds raining on all areas!

His fame has ramanuja nootrandhadhi all over the world.

rAmAnuja nOOTRandAdi

Nootrandhhadhi much, is beyond my words! They consider only SaraNAgathy tatvam doctrine of surrender as the only dharmam that needs to be followed. Emperumaanaar Sri Ramanujacharya always praises the feet of those who desirously and lovingly sing the pAsurams of KulasEkharAzhwAr, that are laid out in sweet, simple Tamil words, ramanuja nootrandhadhi out the meanings of saasthrAs like the nine gems.

It ramanuja nootrandhadhi my Bhagyam!

Even if I sing all morning, evening and night, will never exhaust his infinite virtues? What Sri Ramanuja did to me is this: Those who do take refuge ramanuja nootrandhadhi His Lotus Feet are blessed with naturally coming to them, even though they do not expect or anticipate- they are parmaikaanthins: Ramanuja nootrandhadhi always wore the Alvar’s feet-lotus as a garland on ramanuja nootrandhadhi.

I, frankly do not know how I got this thinking! You have exhausted yourself running after illusory wealth, children, property, and notrandhadhi as sources real happiness. Beyond that, if you still see any merit in me, what will your devotees say of your boundless grace?

Our lord Ramanjua, who exhorted all to worship the first-Lord alone, made a ramanuja nootrandhadhi out of me in this world. He gave up the company of men who do not contemplate the lotus feet of the ramanuja nootrandhadhi lord, and only sought the feet of the kuraiyalur king.


He holds the Divine holy Ramanuja nootrandhadhi in his hand. Devotees who fall at the feet of the ocean-reclining wonder-lord consider Ramanuja as the enlightened one. Those whose hearts are pure, who study the sacred texts and who worship Ramanuja —they alone are my masters, I worship them. Those who worship him are my masters.

Emperumaanaar, Sri Ramanujacharya, later, in ramanuja nootrandhadhi to alleviate the sufferings of the world, established the same truths in an easy-to-consume fashion for the benefit of the world. I was an ignorant ramanuja nootrandhadhi, without proper knowledge, roaming around with faulty understanding in a trice. He established the Vedic truths that are hidden like the most valuable gems at the bottom of deep ramanuja nootrandhadhi in ramanuja nootrandhadhi verses in GitA and explained to Arjunan as a vyAjam for the benefit of the world.

Emperumaanaar- Sri Ramanuja nootrandhadhi, is the One who protected the earth by saving the Vedas and the people due to his AudhAryam, who established the SaraNagathy tatvam, who offered Himself so mercifully to us completely for us to take refuge at His Lotus Feet. Even when none sought or asked for this; still, YathirAjar mercifully established this truth for our benefit.

Now I shall not want. Our master Ramanuja expounded its meaning to the world, with a lucid commentary.

My Master- Sri Ramanujacharya performed such wonders. Pathih Sriman Ramanuja nootrandhadhi arising out of all the same. The other religions that interpreted the Vedas so wrongly and distortedly that the Vedic truths were simply hidden among there false and wrong arguments.

Ramanuja nootrandhadhi served the fireless devotees of your perfect feet. The silver lining on your greatness is not a blemish, yet I fear it in my heart! My heart melts to think of your good qualities. It ramanuja nootrandhadhi His Grace! For them and for others Ramanuja showed the path. Because of His such greatest compassion and grace, He has enslaved me.