18 Aug I didn’t know Ted personally, but I’ve been studying the single note soloing books for about 13 years (read: I’ve read all the text of both books. ii7 V7 I Single Line Runs, download PDF. 8-Note Dominant Scale 8-Note Dominant Scale, Asc. Melodic Fragments as Learning Tools, download PDF. 8- Note. 18 Mar Title Slide of Ted greene jazz guitar single note soloing vol1(2).

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Published March 1st by Alfred Music first published Of course, I would be interested to hear the views of any guitarists though Jonathan Essl rated it it was amazing Mar 15, Alex rated it it was amazing Sep 10, It would be great to hear what players that have ‘come out the otherside’ of all this material, think now they have made the trip!

I actually don’t grwene this book, I have vol. Jeff Warren Johnston rated it it was amazing Nov 01, I wouldn’t wait to explore SNS 1.

I would try to sinle some jazz guitarist he had never heard of, but he would always start playing something in their style and then explain, heres how you learn how to do that. However, I haven’t touched George Van Eps books yet!!!

Ted Greene — Jazz Guitar Single Note Soloing, Vol 1

I’ve been ged years absorbing Chord Chemistry, too. Logically organized, with hundreds of musical examples, this method is the result of many years of Ted’s teaching and research.


I’m totally psyched to see this thread here and sad to see no further posts To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Chords, arpeggios and runs are given for each position. I am still working through it, when I have the time for it.

A book that clearly explains the principles of jazz soloing. Patience and determination are key. Erik rated it really liked it Jul 04, The other night, after reading the beginning of this thread, I was revisiting the very first examples of Dmajor chord family licks and for the first time I was able to simultaneously visualize the fretboard, see the notes on the staff, say the names of the notes and their scale degrees.

Im Still trying to figure out a methodical productive way to study Single note soloing and chord chemistry. Please enable JavaScript in your browser settings.

I’ve played through these runs many times looking for their secret and now I think I’ve got a plan to follow in my next jaunt through the book.

Ted Greene: Jazz Guitar Single Note Soloing, Volume 1: Guitar Book

Garrett rated it liked it Jan 18, Sep 11, Serge Pierro rated it it was amazing Shelves: Please paste your code into the box below: I think this could be a really useful thread for any players who have worked with these two books over the years – always interesting and helpful to hear different players points of view – especially by the really long-term serious players.


Personally I have lived with these two books this is a guitar geek site isn’t it?!! Grady Whalens rated it liked it Dec 26, Especially as you get to the bigger chords like a G he listed about 20 arpeggios for just one single position!

So, I just trod the long road of working step by step through the examples, absorbing the sounds and trying to apply them in any real world situation I could.

They claim because he preferred teaching to doing studio work or playing single note improvs on the jazz circuit, that Ted was not a Jazz Guitarist and knew nothing about playing jazz. So, you can get a few more colors in there that are not found in Chord Chemistry.

Instead of the gfeene common way of using a whole scale to solo on and having to sort out the sound of the individual notes over time, Ted catagorizes it in a more logical way. There is a lot of great stuff in the single note books.

Pity, but no worries.